Sunday, October 02, 2005


All that said, there IS some “good” coming out of Katrina? The hurricane and the official response to it has fully exposed the racism of this country for all to witness. Some, not everyone, will allow this reality to seep into their consciousness and this will shift things. Those who allow themselves to see this racism, are angry, if they weren’t already. Anger, if understood, nurtured and organized, can lead to transformation not just in an individual, but on the societal level as well. That would be a very positive outcome of this massive disaster.

That is to say there is an opening now. It is an especially important time for organizing, community building, sharing, learning and educating. As after other disasters and around election times, there’s a greater openness to conversing about poverty, race, class and politics, that are otherwise practically taboo. It’s a great time to act.

There is so much need right now and many of us do not want to see Band-Aids applied, again, to temporarily quiet these needs. We want to see permanent change, real transformation. We want to see people standing up, providing what we need for ourselves in community. That’s what the Common Ground Collective is about. There is a lot of space for many more Common Grounds.

Think. Act. Raise money. Go to the Gulf. Send others. Listen. Keep participating!!


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