Friday, September 16, 2005

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

We had the morning meeting. While trying to clear the driveway for Sun from MayDayDC to get a truck into Malik’s driveway i stepped into some grass and my foot and leg were invaded by fire ants. Fun times. I was rushed to the clinic and got superb care. The medics saw a bunch of clients in the morning, but the afternoon was real slow. Probably because the Walgreens opened and i heard there was a line two blocks long out the door. A post office also opened up and drew a ton of people to its doors. Local people are reporting that Walgreen’s prices are artificially high and that customers are paying more than a dollar more for items than they used to.
The red cross came to Malik’s block for the first time since the hurricane, delivering a hot meal -ravioli, peas & apple sauce. Many deliveries to Malik’s from all over occur throughout each day and today one of the big ones was from a French organzation. They brought ten monitors, a bunch of computers & their fixin’s, a printer, etc. The communications center here is now offically hooked up and some of the computers will be brought to other locations for easy access by the community.
Malik does many interviews throughout each day -tv, radio- there’s always someone asking him questions and recording his answers. I joined in and recorded one with Free Speech TV.
Crystal from our crew and Kobie from Brooklyn went in the trade of plumbing. The kitchen sink at Malik’s had been really stuck. After using a snake and getting nowhere, they shoved a garden hose down the pipe and wadded up newspaper and shoved it around the hose and packed that with cardboard so that no amount of pressure could dislodge it. It worked -the clog was forced out!
Lots of other things happened, many that i don’t even know about. More massaging of volunteers. Marenka went to Covington with Veterans for Peace folks. Bed.


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