Thursday, September 15, 2005

This blog is mostly being written by Natasha. She has no blogging experience whatsoever and little time to work on it. This blog is especially focused on communicating with the people who have supported this caravan’s efforts and who are considering coming here, so that they may have a better sense of what it’s like here and what we’re doing. Todd is the photographer. The information on this blog is not at all comprehensive about the work that, the Common Ground Collective, as the operation running out of Malik Rahim’s place is now being called, is doing. There’s so much work to do here, and so much being done, that getting the chance to write and finding out what everyone is doing is difficult. So, this blog will talk about what Natasha and the immediate people around her are doing. We hope it inspires others to donate their resources and time to this very fast-growing relief and community building effort!


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