Friday, September 16, 2005

Pictures from the city!

We just got back from New Orlean's on Friday night. We took a little longer to get back. I am sorry I have not posted up to date stuff. Natasha and I will be updatig it in the next few weeks. We are both very busy catching up with our lives we left in San Francisco. I will be going away again on sunday, but I will try to get some photos up along the way. We have al lot to share from our trip!!!


Blogger Diane said...

Hey Todd and Natasha! I'm so proud of you guys for being so helpful! I'm sure you are touching a lot of lives and making a lot of people happier by helping down there. I'm glad you sent me this link! There's so much information on it!I'll be sure to keep checking it to see your progress there. I love you guys!
Love Di

8:09 PM  
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